LAX installation. In progress shots.

A few shots of the installation Mr. David Phillips and I made for the International terminal at LAX airport Los Angeles. There are two parts to the piece, one on the 5x5 video wall, the second on a 58 screen 'filmstrip' that weaves through the building. These are a few shots of the install in progress David took while doing the programming in LA last month.

The piece is called 'Local Time' and is composed of thousands of still images of mid Twentieth century clock faces, animated to mimic the motion of an flipping analogue airport information board.

The piece will be a permanent feature at LAX and was commissioned by the City Of Los Angeles and the airport.

Tu m'en veux pas


Fruit Flavoured 1.0

LAX shots

Mr. David Phillips and I were recently selected to install a permanent video work in the international terminal at LAX. David was out in LA last week doing the install. Here are a couple of screen grabs from the early stages of the piece.