Golden Oldies

Here's the 'poster' for an old super 8 short from around 1996. Nicky and I made it one afternoon after a late night out. I think it still exists on 3/4" tape in the garage somewhere. Next time I do a clean out it might surface. 


La Frontera Infinita

Here's another one of my favourites from Berlin that is currently doing the festival rounds. Directed by Juan Manuel Sepúlveda, La Frontera Infinita a beautifully paced,  powerful documentary about people attempting to get to the Mexico-US border. Rather than take us on a literal journey, the film hovers in certain points along a train line, and witnesses the passing through of hundreds and hundreds of people. We're often unsure where we are along the route, but this is the wonder of the film - it's like the whole journey is folded into a single location, and that location is a loop.

You can see a trailer here
And the film is playing in April at HOT DOCS in Toronto


Wild Combination

One of my big favourites from the Berlin Film Festival this year is Wild Combination, a beautiful and intelligent portrait of the late Arthur Russell. The film weaves together archive materials and interviews with visually driven sequences and imaginings of Russell in New York. It's real strength for me is in combining fascinating material about Russell and his work from avant garde to disco, with insights from those he loved and left behind. The interviews with his partner of twelve years and his parents are particularly moving.

More here:
Wild Combination
Arthur Russell


Through The Lens

Through the Lens:New Media Art from Ireland exhibition at Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City (BAMOIC) was officially opened to the public last night - part of the first Irish Culture Festival in Beijing 2008. Through the Lens is the first exhibition of contemporary new media art from Ireland in Beijing.
Here's the BAMOIC website. Next week the site will be updated with more information on the exhibition launch.

Artists include:
迪克兰.克莱克( Declan Clarke), 多罗西.克罗斯(Dorothy Cross), 马尔科姆.麦克林(Malcolm McClay), 依莎贝拉.诺兰( Isabel Nolan), 盖瑞特.仙菲兰(Garrett Phelan), 大卫 菲利普 (David Philips), 保罗.罗利( Paul Rowley), 娃尔瓦拉 沙妩诺 (Varvara Shavrova), 利.格蕾丝.维尔(Grace Weir)。



At Issue Project Room tonight we showed Gravity Loop as a prelude to the Till By Turning concert. They have this amazing set up there with 15 speakers hanging from the ceiling. The sound was amazing. Each of these 15 channels can be programmed individually. Get to work!



Issue Project Room - Friday March 14th

Come to a concert this Friday, March 14th at Issue Project Room. Emily Manzo's chamber ensemble, Till by Turning, will be performing the works of Jerome Begin, Sally Norris, Jessica Pavone and others. There will also be a screening of our video Gravity Loop, which Emily composed and performed the music for. Come out if you can!
Friday, March 14th, 8pm sharp. Issue Project Room. 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor. Brooklyn, NY 11215. WEBSITE

Till by Turning will give the world premeire of Sally Norris' Solo Variations for Bassoon and Piano, plus performances of Jerome Begin's Duo for Cello and Piano, Katherine Young and Amy Cimini's amazing improv duo, Achiteuthis Walks on Land, and Jessica Pavone's Hypnopompic. The group will be joined by Jessica Pavone, violin, and Loren Dempster, cello.




My dear friend and collaborator Emily has a lovely new website.
Check it out here

Hygiene codes

Hotel Les Amandiers - Tafraoute


Le Boucher



LAST CHANCE - framework/rupture

Dennis McNulty's show at Green on Red gallery in Dublin closes on Saturday.

It's really worth going to check out if you can make it - my favourite art show I've seen in a long time.
There's a closing night concert on Saturday, but to get the full impact of the show, you should go see it when it's quiet in the gallery.


Closing event.
A concert of improvised music featuring
Paul Vogel [IRL] & Wade Matthews [US/SP].

Green On Red,
26-28 Lombard St. East, Dublin 2.
Saturday 8th March 2008.
Doors 7.30. Music 7.45 sharp.
Admission free.


Morocco - scene sketches

From the Palais El Badi in Marrakech