Detention times from around the world
FRANCE. Suspects can be held without access to a lawyer for 72 hours and in pre-trial detention for up to four years.
GERMANY. Suspects must be seen by a judge within 48 hours but can be held without trial during the period of investigation. This must be reviewed by a judge at least every six months.
GREECE. Suspects may be held without charge for up to 12 months, or 18 months in extraordinary cases, which requires a warrant to be issued by the public prosecutor.
ITALY. Suspects may be held for 24 hours without seeing a lawyer.
NORWAY. Suspects can be held for a maximum of 48 hours, but a judge can increase this period to cover the period of an investigation if it passes a test of "proportionality".
SPAIN. Terror suspects can be held for 72 hours without their lawyer or relatives being informed and this can be increased to a maximum of 13 days.
UK. Suspects can be held for 28 days. The government are currently pushing to extend this to 56 days.
USA. Under the 2001 Patriot Act the attorney general can detain foreign suspects but must start deportation proceedings within seven days. Suspects can be held for periods of six months, but cases must be reviewed within a further six months.


Radio 2 - Aller/Retour

This selection started with songs of departure, and did a full circle, bouncing to and from places and people.
Ping-pong pop relationships with time and places, mostly places where love once lived.

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