Independence and crowns for the queens

June 28th is an eventful day. The anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City, which led to the Gay Rights movement [1969]. In Dublin in 1922 the firing of (British) canons by the Pro-treaty Irish which led to the beginning of the Irish Civil War. In 1914, the assassination of Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand, which led in part to the outbreak of World War One, and five years later on the same day the Treaty of Versailles was signed which brought the war to an end. In 1838, the crowning of Queen Victoria, Seoul was taken from North Korea [1950] and East Jerusalem was annexed by Israel [1967]. Canada legalized same sex marriage [2005] and Montenegro became a republic recognised by the UN [2006]. Happy Birthday Brian!


Friendly exhibitions - NYC/DUB

Two things to check out this week - one in New York and one in Dublin.

My friend Kerry has work in the summer group show at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York. The show opens tonight and runs from 26 June - 15 August.

And in Dublin UNDERGROUND opens this Friday the 27th in Dublin. Underground is an exhibition and publication looking at the changes in independent music culture over the last 15 years, tracking the relationship between the local and the global, society and technology and charting the erasure of the boundary between the public and the private.
The project includes an art exhibition, a publication which I contributed to, and a series of film screenings.


Fiori 25 06 08

Continuing the semi-occasional record of what is growing in the garden here on Sharon street.


New York City 2008

Barbara Kruger rip-off imagery advertises high end property developments.


Hague Blue

A search on google maps for our house now shows me in the front yard painting the wooden benches, about two years ago.
I now feel included and supervised - part of the world and closely watched.


Word of the day



New online project by Garrett Phelan

Garrett Phelan - an Irish artist based in Dublin who just participated in our 'Competitive Landscapes' programme - has produced a new online audio project titled 'At what point will common sense prevail'. It's a brilliant reconfiguration of texts from online chat rooms (initiated by the artist) which are then read by lots of different people in different languages. The topics for discussion vary from 'The absolute present' to 'The colour black'. The texts are fragmented, which serves to strip them of complete coherency, so we're left to assemble what sense we can from them by listening in a new way, as amateur polyglots or naive idealists. It's a brilliant investigation of how we construct meaning out of what we're given to work with and raises all kinds of ideas about being on the point of understanding. The end result after spending time with the pieces brings you to a point of supersaturation, where meaning becomes fully activated yet somehow empty.

The project will be available online for five years here.

And you can check out more of Garrett's work here.