LAX local time

Expanding collection of clocks for the video project David and I are doing for LAX.


Tenderloin Hotel.

San Francisco. 1996. Photo by Trina Webb.


The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant in 4 minutes

Trannyshack performers Kay White and Impala Discobar perform their rendition of Fassbinder's film in four minutes. This was at a benefit to elect Tom Ammiano as mayor at Café du Nord in San Francisco back in 1998.



San Francisco. March 1998. Living in an old laundromat on the corner of Haight and Webster with John Blue.  In the front, a Victorian corner window where Tod and I curated rotating  two week art installations. No openings, no press. Just a look in through the panes to see the art inside. I must go back and find shots from those shows to post; we had some great ones. Tod Wohlfarth, Kenneth Hung, Tim Blue, David Phillips, Tony Meredith, Ana Lynch, Kirk Maxson, David Kennedy, Denise Laws.

This wall was my work desk. There were weeks on end when there was so much stuff on there the table disappeared, and it looked like just a sloping pile of junk, art materials, film reels and shrapnel. Behind the camera was the front gallery and John's sound recording booth which was dubbed the wendy house and painted blue as soon as it moved in.  I once performed a scaldy  Elton John lipsync on top of it at one of our parties, of which there were many. The big pink circle on the wall was one of a series of paintings I did when I hosted 'International Espionage Night' at Trannyshack. I don't think they lasted the night, as was often the case there.

It was a very creative time. A stack of short films, the exhibitions, a feature film, several albums,  umpteen deranged performances, all came out of that place and the people who came to it. We were giddy with excitement. We still are.


The Steve Lady

Pacific Coast. 1997.