The anticomputer

My next door neighbour Bobby has a great sun filled yard and little time to work in it. So myself and my friend Carolyn from down the block have volunteered to help him out with it. You can see some of the early shots (and lots more) on her brilliant gardening blog here.

And these shots above show the yard after we did quite a bit of weeding. Plant residue after the weeding included: rose of sharon, lily of the valley, violets, daffodils. We've since added rhubarb, zucchini, hydrangeas, phlox, sedum and marigolds.


New doc kick off

The first promo materials for our new Still Films doc 'Pyjama Girls' are done and heading out. Maya, who's directing, shot with some of the pyjama girls in Basin street flats last week, and we cut together some sample scenes and a promo this week. So the financing and research phases are now fully under way. We'll have some promo movies online soon.


Competitive Landscapes

Heres' the press release and programme for the screening at Sara Meltzer Gallery this Thursday May 29th. 


Image -Anamnesis - Anne Maree Barry. 2008


Screening May 29th, New York

Competitive Landscapes

Recent film and video from Ireland
Curated by Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley

THURSDAY 29th MAY 2008
Screening starts 6:30 pm sharp

Sara Meltzer Gallery
525-531 W 26th Street, New York NY 10001

In the gallery foyer
Image: Dennis McNulty - flow/loop

Screening Programme
Garrett Phelan - Competitive Landscape
Anne Maree Barry - Covered Road
Christine Molloy & Joe Lawlor - Joy
Vivienne Dick - Saccade
Patrick Jolley - Hereafter
Niamh Murphy - Let me be frank
Anita Delaney - December 2006. Version 1
Anne Maree Barry - Anamnesis

Competitive Landscapes is a collection of moving image works by contemporary Irish artists. The Ireland of today presents us with a radically renovated social landscape - a country transformed by fifteen years of economic boom, unprecedented immigration, and an uneasy peace in the North. Against this backdrop a vibrant art scene has also grown over the last decade. Some of the works in the programme explore the residue of this history, ideas of recall and re-enactment, some collapse these narratives and timelines into contemporary contexts. The programme brings together a diverse collection of Irish artists; from Vivienne Dick who first came to prominence with her No Wave Super 8 films shot in New York in the late 1970's, to artists such as Anita Delaney and Niamh Murphy who are showing their first videos here.

For more information on the artists go to



Ball Field

3D Falling

After Olafur Eliasson's 'Your strange certainty still kept' at Moma. 

Join the dots version.

Standard Landscapes

Big ideas


Does she know?

Just opened last night at Moti Hasson Gallery - a fantastic new painting show by Jackie Gendel. It's open until June 29th and you can read all about it here.


Two states. Two airports. Two hours.

Newark Terminal C 16:20:46

JFK Terminal 4 18:29:09


Bad Blue Boys

This short doc was one of the very best films I saw last week at Hot Docs. Beautifully shot, claustrophobic and menacing, an eye that hovers around a former soldier in Croatia as he struggles to readjust to a post-war life. He lives with his family, drives his motorbike, and shoots guns and rockets in the woods with his friends. We never really see his face or hear him speak. He takes his kids out for Christmas, he cooks chicken stew, he gets up in the middle of the night to take pills. Every day to day activity is charged with tension, disquiet, a violence that simmers right at the surface. It's directed by Branko Schmidt and the stunning cinematography is by Dragan Ruljancic.

The film takes it title from a group of football supporters, also called Bad Blue Boys, supporters of the Zagreb team NR Dinamo who were founded in 1986, inspired by a Sean Penn film, have a bulldog as their logo, and like to make their presence felt at football matches. Check out their myspace page here to listen to their anthem and learn how the war often starts with football.