While having breakfast with my friend Emily (also my musical collaborator and piano teacher - we're doing Messiaen 'Hawari' in March, she music, me video)  we were discussing my wirehair dachshund Finnegan and his love of piano playing. Finnegan has a Jaymar toy piano which he likes to nose around on. He especially likes to join in when someone else is playing. So in order to facilitate this, we have his Jaymar now sitting under my Kranich and Bach.

Emily suggests that Finnegan is most likely the reincarnation of the great Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau, one of the greatest piano players of the twentieth century. I can't be certain, but will update with developments as Finnegan's Chopin improves. there sure is a likeness there.


Seaview German Cinema Release

Seaview is starting it's German cinema release this week at the FSK Kino in Berlin. The film is now being distributed by the Arsenal in Germany. Nicky and I will be at the screening on the 7th, and then at all dates on the tour starting February 16th. Just click on the image above for the tour dates. If you have friends in Germany who might be interested in the film please do pass the information along. Thanks!


Film Ireland

The January/February issue of Film Ireland magazine, was guest edited by Seaview c0-director Nicky Gogan,  Darklight programme director Derek O'Connor and myself.  It's now available for sale in shops and from Film Base in Temple Bar.

Central to the magazine for this issue is a section we call Leading Lights. We asked 20 filmmakers, cinematographers, curators, designers, visual artists to submit an image that is important to them, and to write a few words about it. The result is a very interesting cross section of ideas about the image from a very diverse group of image makers.

You can find extracts from the articles here.